Install & Update the Plugin

There are two ways to install the plugin. Using Wordpess Plugin Uploader or FTP. Before intstalling the plugin you should unzip the downloaded package to a folder on your hard drive. After extracting the file you can find some folders and a zipped file "go_portfolio.zip" in the root of your folder. Go_portfolio.zip contains the plugin data.

WordPress Plugin Uploader

If you use "WordPress Plugin Uploader" to install the plugin, then you should NOT unzip go_portfolio.zip file.

Installation steps:

  • Log into your WordPress admin panel
  • Navigate to Plugins ยป Add New
  • Click to Upload
  • Click to Choose File and select the 'go_portfolio.zip' file
  • Click to Install Now


Installation steps:

  • Unzip the 'go_portfolio.zip' file to a folder on your hard drive
  • Upload the 'go_portfolio' folder to the WordPress plugins folder (example: http://yourserver/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/) on your server using FTP

After uploading plugin, you should activate it. Navigate to Plugins in WordPress navigation, then find the Go Portfolio - WordPress Responsive Portfolio plugin, then click to 'Activate'.

After activating the plugin you can import demo data to use the demo portfolios included in the package.

Update the plugin

You should update the via FTP. The process is same as the installation using FTP. Please DO NOT uninstall the plugin before updating it.