Tips & Tricks - Custom CSS

Sometimes it's necessary to add some custom CSS code to your tables. Some codes should be applied generally for each table, while others are table specific. That's why we created two options to use custom CSS code for your tables.

Customizing via custom CSS is often the fastest, but not the safest way to achive what you want. 
First, please make sure that it's not possible using the admin options for the changes you need. It's not the safest way because the plugin HTML and CSS structure may change in the future.

 Apply CSS code for each table

  1. Navigate to Go Pricing ยป General Settings page.
  2. Click to 'Custom CSS' tab.
  3. Paste your code into the textarea.
  4. Save the page.

 Table specific CSS code

  1. Select a table to edit on the Dashboard page.
  2. Click to 'Custom CSS' tab on the top of table editor page.
  3. Paste your code into the textarea.
  4. Save your table.

CSS code you paste here will be automatically prefixed with a table id selector (e.g. #go-pricing-1234 .my-custom-rule { ... }), so please do not use id selectors in the code.

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