Tips & Tricks - Manage Currencies

The plugin offers a great variety of options to customize currencies.

You can manage it under Go Pricing ยป General Settings page 'Currency' section.

Settings that you can configure here:

  • Currency: 
    You can select one from list of the available currencies.
  • Currency Position: 
    You can set left/no value here to modify the currency position in the price.
  • Thousand Separator: 
    Separator character for thousands in the price.
  • Decimal Separator: 
    Separator character for decimals in the price.
  • Number of decimals: 
    You can set the maximum number of decimals to show in price.
  • Trailing Zero:
    You can set yes/no value here, if yes is selected trailing zeros will be added to the end of the price.

Currently you can select only one currency to use in your tables.

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